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Bio-analytical UV-Vis : JASCO V-730 Bio

The JASCO V-730 Bio Spectrophotometer is specifically designed for Life Science applications. UV Vis Jasco V-730 Bio spectrophotometer is operated with an intelligent Remote Module (iRM) which has built-in bio-analytical application programs. The JASCO V-730 Bio Spectrophotometer retains all the versatility of the V-730 general purpose spectrophotometer.

Jasco V-730 Bio spectrophotometer

In Brief

Dedicated biological programs
Intelligent remote module
Micro volume sampling
USP instrument validation
Loads of accessories

Installation Optional


Dedicated Biological Programs

• Protein analysis with six different calibration methods
• Nucleic acid concentrations: 260/280 Ratio, 230/280 Ratios
• Temperature ramping/DNA melting analysis
• Kinetics measurement and analysis

Plus Standard Programs

• Wavelength scanning 190 to 1100nm
• Time course measurement
• Fixed wavelength measurement
• Advanced data processing with six types of calibration curves

The intelligent remote module (iRM 1000)

iRM 1000 b 

The JASCO V-730 Bio consists of the V-730 Spectrophotometer with an intelligent Remote Module (iRM), and a micro cell holder.  

The iRM is easily operated through a wide colour LCD touch screen. It guides the operator from data acquisition routines through to data processing. The data can be saved to a USB for further processing on a PC. It has a range of built-in bio-analytical application programs.

Micro Volume Sampling
JASCO spectrophotometer's standard cell holder includes a cell height adjustment function to accept micro cells.

High-Speed Scanning
High-throughput optics and fast response detectors allow the JASCO V-730 Bio spectrophotometer to scan at speeds up to 8000 nm/min. without wavelength tracking errors.

Compact Design
The optical bench of the JASCO V-730 Bio spectrophotometer is extremely compact saving laboratory space.

'Start Button'
Single button push for immediate start of routine measurements.

Wide Range of Sampling Accessories
A full complement of sampling accessories including automatic cell changers, sippers, , ultra-micro cell holder in addition to additional software packages are available to optimise the JASCO V-730 Bio spectrophotometer for specific applications.

Instrument Validation
A USP, EP and JP compliant instrument validation package is standard.

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