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The smart way
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JASCO NRS-4500 Raman Spectrometer

The new JASCO NRS-4500 is a compact and easy-to use Raman spectrometer that enables measurements without time-consuming sample preparation. It can be used for many different applications from routine tasks to advanced materials and pharmaceutical research.  With the highest Class 1 laser safety class, it also features a rigid optical bench, flexible sampling options and real time ‘User Assist’ control which together give optimal resolution and throughput.

nrs4500 v2

In Brief

  • Range: 8000 to 100cm-1 (to 50cm-1 option)
  • Class 1 laser safety
  • Quick Raman Imaging (QRI)    50x faster than conventional mapping and higher sensitivity
  • Standard 532/785nm lasers with matching notch or edge filters
  • Laser choices and new 457nm laser for improved fluorescence rejection

Installation included

 Simplicity and Ease-of-Use

PC control with Spectra ManagerTM II software.

See the Spectra manager software

The JASCO NRS-4500 spectrometer is operated using JASCO’s cross platform Spectra Manager II software.

'UserAssist' control for experienced spectroscopists and new users alike

'User assist' guides the user through set up and optimisation of measurement parameters with helpful advice and tips, such as a warning if you have the laser intensity set too high.

The ‘Simple Search’ function enables the user simply click the measurement button to execute spectral measurements of the desired sample positions. Additional features include: Real time data processing, Corrections to eliminate interference for Raman spectroscopy, Fluorescence correction algorithm (JASCO patent), Chemical image identification, Colour mapping and a functional groups registry and library.

KnowItALL Informatics for Raman JASCO Edition includes over 650 spectral library

Each Raman spectrometer is provided with the Know-It-All program package with a constantly expanding spectrum library. The software enables the user to search reference databases, identify unknown compounds, interpret spectra, build custom databases, draw chemical structures and create reports for publications.

Flexible sampling options

With a choice of refractive objectives, both micro and macro measurements are possible as well as options for long working distance objectives for heated sample stages and other sampling accessories. The NRS-4500 can also be specified with a manual sample stage or the PC-controlled, automated XYZ mapping stage in addition to a modified stage (80 mm working distance) to accommodate a variety of heating and cooling sample accessories.

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