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UV VIS Spectrophotometers

Whether it’s routine QA/QC, teaching or research, JASCO’s range of UV-Vis spectrophotometers provide a cost effective solution for busy laboratories. Check out the range below. Quick Model Comparisons.

Ultraviolet visible (UV/Vis) spectrophotometers measure how much light of a given wavelength (typically 190 to 1100 nm) passes through a sample, and how much is absorbed to provide information about molecular composition, concentration, structure or activity.

JASCO UV/Vis spectrometers are compact, double beam instruments that offer the highest throughput optics and excellent signal-to-noise ratio for the entire UV-visible to NIR spectral range (190nm to 3200nm). Photomultiplier tube detectors provide higher sensitivity and greater linearity as well as longer lifetimes. JASCO’s UV Vis spectrophotometers offer very low stray light values that lead to more precise measurements, for even highly absorbing samples, over a wide photometric range.

Spectra manager software is designed for ease-of-use and enables one computer with one set of software to control multiple instruments (e.g. UV-VIS, FTIR, CD, Raman) saving money and operator time.

The JASCO V-730 is an economical, general purpose instrument with a compact design ideal for QC and teaching.                                                                                   
The JASCO V-730Bio Spectrophotometer is operated with an intelligent Remote Module (iRM) which has built-in bio-analytical application programs.
JASCO V-750 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
The JASCO V-750 UV Visible spectrophotometer is a high resolution, double-beam instrument with single monochromator.                                                                        
JASCO V-760 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
The JASCO V-760 UV Visible spectrophotometer is a high resolution double-beam instrument with double monochromator.                                                                   
JASCO V-770 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
The JASCO V-770 UV-Visible-Near Infrared (UV-Vis/NIR) spectrophotometer features a monochromator with automatically exchanged dual gratings.
JASCO V-760 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
The JASCO V-780 UV-Visible-Near Infrared (UV-Vis/NIR) spectrophotometer is a unique optical design incorporating a dual-grating, dual-detector design.