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Raman Spectrometers

Whether it’s routine QA/QC, teaching or research, JASCO’s range of Raman spectrometers provide a cost effective solution for busy laboratories. Check out the range below. Quick Model Comparisons.

Raman spectroscopy provides information about molecular vibrations that can be used for sample identification and quantitation. It can be used to study polymorphic forms of compounds such as Active Pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and to study changes in chemical bonding and symmetry of molecules.

The NRS series of Raman spectrometers includes three different optical configurations; the easy to use NRS-4500, with up to three laser wavelengths from visible to NIR including the common dual laser 532/785nm configuration. The research grade model NRS-5000 series offers a higher spectral and spatial resolution with the use of dual spatial filtration (DSF). The NRS-7000 series with 500mm spectrograph and poly-dispersive options that can be configured with up to 8 lasers (with 9 wavelengths).

Spectra manager software is designed for ease-of-use and enables one computer with one set of software to control multiple instruments (e.g. UV-VIS, FTIR, CD, Raman) saving money and operator time.


Jasco NRS 5000/7000
The new Jasco NRS 5000/7000 series assure consistent performance for rapid acquisition of high quality data with automated system control and minimal optical adjustments.
Jasco NRS 4100
The new Jasco NRS 4500 is a compact and easy-to use Raman spectrometer that enables measurements without time-consuming sample preparation.