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Circular Dichroism Spectrometers

Whether it’s routine QA/QC, teaching or research, JASCO’s range of CD spectrometers provide a cost effective solution for busy laboratories. Check out the range below. Quick Model Comparisons.

Circular Dichroism or Chiroptical Spectroscopy is the leading technique for advanced biomolecular characterisation and stereochemical analysis.

JASCO offers a selection of high performance CD instruments designed for education and QC applications to high end research systems optimised for advanced measurements. JASCO J-1000 CD spectrometers enable simultaneous acquisition of up to four data channels including CD, Linear Dichoism, Absorbance, Fluorescence, Anisotropy, ORD, Temperature and Kinetics. High dynamic range detectors provide high quality spectra of samples with excellent signal-to-noise, especially for highly absorbing materials found in the far- UV.

Applications include temperature ramping, protein folding, protein conformation, DNA/RNA interaction, enzyme kinetics, purity testing of optically active substances, quantitative analysis of pharmaceuticals, natural products chemistry, biochemistry and macromolecules and rapid scanning (time resolved) experiments.

The Vibrational Circular Dichroism Spectrometer VCD is capable of measuring conventional IR absorption spectra along with Vibrational CD spectra. It combines VCD spectra from higher wavenumber regions with IR spectra from the fingerprint region to provide a complete analysis of the chiral structure. Spectra manager software simultaneously displays IR and VCD spectra in a single window.

Spectra manager software is designed for ease-of-use and enables one computer with one set of software to control multiple instruments (e.g. UV-VIS, FTIR, CD, Raman) saving money and operator time.

ASCO J-1100
The new JASCO J-1100 is a CD Spectrometer system in a compact, lower cost package.                                                                         
JASCO J-1500
The new JASCO J-1500 is a high-performance CD spectrometer designed to meet the most demanding of CD applications.                 
JASCO J-1700
The new JASCO J-1700 covers the entire UV/VIS/NIR range upto 2500nm for MCD and specialised applications.                                                                                                                                                         
Vibrational CD
The new Vibrational CD (VCD) can measure conventional IR absorption spectra along with Vibrational CD spectra.                            
High Throughput CD
High-throughput CD measurement system combing autosampler, syringe pump and flow cell unit with the J-1500 CD spectrometer.
JASCO J-1500
The MCB-100 enables constant temperature control of cell parts in the spectrophotometer with a wide temp control range in a compact size.