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JASCO FTIR Spectrometer | FT/IR-6000 Series

The FT/IR-6000 Series FTIR spectrometers offers the highest level of performance with excellent signal to noise. The optical bench is capable of measuring from the Near IR (25,000cm-1) to Far IR (10cm-1). The FT/IR-6000 is purgeable while the interferometer, sample chamber and detector can all be evacuated to reduce the interference of environmental gases and vapours for more sensitive sample measurements. The FTIR 6000 series is designed to enable a wide range of experimental capabilities from R&D to high-end research applications.



FTIR 6600

  • S/N ratio: 45,000:1
  • Max resolution 0.4cm-1
  • Measure from Near IR to Far IR (25,000 to 10cm-1
  • Full vacuum option

Installation optional

FTIR 6700

  • S/N ratio: 47,000:1
  • Maximum resolution: 0.25cm-1
  • Full vacuum option
  • Rapid scan option

Installation optional

FTIR 6800

  • S/N ratio: 55,000:1
  • Maximum resolution: 0.07cm-1
  • Au coated mirrors for high throughput, FT-Raman option

Installation optional

The FT/IR-6000 Series (FTIR Jasco Spectrometers) is controlled by Spectra ManagerTM II cross-platform software. This comes standard with the KnowItAll®integrated search software with a library of 10,000 spectra. Also included in the FTIR Spectrometer is the Quick Start function which enables inexperienced users to measure samples easily with a simple push of a button.

Excellent S/N ratio

The highly stable interferometer and AccuTracTM DSP technology enables rapid and accurate tracking of mirror position and velocity for optimum signal-to-noise performance. Auto-alignment of the corner cube mirrors corrects for any light path deviation, providing excellent optical stability.

 Other FTIR Spectrophotometer System Attributes

• Compact size with a large sample compartment.
• A highly sensitive and stable DLATGS detector with Peltier temperature control.
• A specially designed optical bench eliminates interference from external vibrations.
• Automatic recognition of sampling accessories.
• Purgeable optics.
• Validation routine to verify instrument performance compliant with ASTM, EP, and JP procedures.



2016-06-01 155635The new ATR PRO ONE View is the latest accessory from JASCO that simultaneously combines ATR spectra measurement with automatic imaging. The combination of a high-throughput ATR - diamond prism for sample measurement with unique lighting and optical systems enable the user to observe and accurately measure samples within the range of 10,000 to 300cm-1 (30cm-1 option). High clarity images are recorded automatically in the sample spectrum file together with the measurement location. Samples as small as 50 to 100 μm can be imaged. Coupling ATR with imaging creates a unique system with which to explore the microscopic structure of a diverse range of samples such as fibre material, paper, ink, creams, foods, plastics etc...

2016-06-01 152149

Printed material spectra and images 

2016-06-01 152216

FT-IR microscopy. JASCO's FT-IR Microscopes can be easily interfaced with the FT/IR-6000 Series. The microscope systems feature "IQ Mapping" which enables automated multi-point mapping, line mapping and IR Imaging of a microscopic area with a manual sample stage and a single element detector. The microscope system automatically scans the specified points or area, rapidly collecting a full spectrum of each point without moving the sample stage.

Rapid-scan measurement enables the instrument to perform up to 20 scans per second providing real time analysis of reaction kinetics. Rapid scan as standard for FTIR-6800 model. 

Wavenumber extension.  The working range can be extended to cover visible to Far-IR applications by switching various optical components.

Automatic broadband measurement under vacuum conditions. The new ATR PRO ONE enables a broadband range measurement of a sample without breaking the instrument vacuum conditions.

Wide Range Sampling Accessories with Automatic accessory recognition. Options include Single/Multi-Reflection  ATR, Grazing angle reflectance, Diffuse reflectance, Specular reflectance, Gas cells, liquid cells, Film sample measurement and many more!

See the Full range of Accessories.

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