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JASCO FP-8600 Fluorescence Spectrometer

The JASCO FP-8600 is a UV-Vis-NIR model for evaluation of new materials such as carbon nano-tube, NIR fluorescent dyes, up-conversion fluorescent glasses, etc.

Jasco FP8500

In Brief


Wavelength range:

FP-8600, Em 200 to 1010 nm, (to 850 nm, Ex)

FP-8700, Em 300-1400nm (1700nm option)

Fast spectral scanning (Em: 120,000 nm/min)

Automatic cut filter for higher-order diffraction

Validation accessory as standard

Suitable for Bio sample measurements using NIR fluorescent reagent to prevent auto-fluorescence

Installation included

Simplicity and Ease-of-Use

The JASCO FP-8600 Fluorescence spectrometer is designed to allow even first time users to collect data with confidence.

PC control with Spectra ManagerTM II software


The Spectra Managerâ„¢ II software, the latest version of JASCO's innovative cross-platform spectroscopy software, is compatible with Windows 7 Pro (32- and 64-bit configurations) and the Windows 8.1 operating systems.

See the Spectra manager

 Standard measurement programs for both interfaces:

  • Spectra measurement: 5 different types. Luminescence, emission, excitation, synchronous and single beam.

    Quantitative analysis: two photometric modes and three quantitation methods.

    Absorption-transmission: Measurement of transmission or absorbance (requires FUV-803 cell block.

  • Time course: Measurement of temporal changes at a fixed wavelength with a choice of time intervals.

    Fixed wavelength: Measurement of fluorescence at up to four Ex and Em wavelengths.

    3-D spectra: This function can be used to graphically display the fluorescence characteristics of the sample.

 Features of JASCO FP-8600 Fluorescence Spectrometer

  • Auto gain
    The signal/noise is optimised throughout the scan range by using the Auto-Gain which automatically adjusts the gain due to fluorescence intensity.

    Auto sensitivity control
  • This function of JASCO Fluorescence Spectrometer allows the creation of a calibration curve for a wide concentration range without changing the measurement parameters.

    Auto cut off filter
  • This enables spectra to be obtained without the peaks that originate from higher order diffracted light.

    Phosphorescence measurements
  • A high-speed chopper for the FP-8600 offers phosphorescence spectrum measurements as well as advanced phosphorescent lifetime and quantitative analysis measurements. The liquid nitrogen sampling accessory can be added for additional flexibility.

 Highest performance from UV-VIS to NIR region

The FP-8600 is a spectrofluorometer with PMT for wavelength expansion covering whole range from UV to NIR. The wavelength range allows measurement of materials which have specific absorption in NIR region such as carbon nanotubes. A compact design coupled with high speed scanning and higher-order diffraction cut filter make this system ideal for the development of new advanced materials.

 Wide range of optional accessories for JASCO Fluorescence Spectrometer

The FP-8600 can be expanded to accept any optional accessories for temperature control and application requirements. Using FP-8600, the most suitable system can be configured for example to measure phosphorescence of samples or for quantum yield determination using the integrating sphere unit.

JASCO FP-8700 Fluorescence Spectrometer

The FP-8700 includes a liquid nitrogen cooled PMT detector for applications that require high sensitivity measurements into the near infrared region to 1400 nm (option to 1700 nm). 

See the Full range of Accessories.

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