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The smart way
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JASCO FP-8200 Fluorescence Spectrometer

The JASCO FP-8200 is a general purpose fluorescence spectrometer with excellent optical performance. An extensive array of accessories enables this versatile JASCO Fluorescence Spectrometer to cover a wide range of applications from materials analysis to biological research.


In Brief


High sensitivity S/N >1600 (RMS)

Micro volume sampling

Fast scan speed - 20,000 nm/min

Wide six digit magnitude dynamic range 

Rapid 3D spectra measurements

Installation optional

Simplicity and Ease-of-Use

The JASCO FP-8200 fluorescence spectrometer has two intuitive interfaces allowing even first time users to collect data with confidence.

The intelligent remote module (iRM)
with a colour LCD touch screen & USB storage


PC control with Spectra
ManagerTM II software.
See the Spectra manager

Standard measurement programs for both interfaces:

  • Spectra measurement: 5 different types. Luminescence, emission, excitation, synchronous and single beam.

    Quantitative analysis: two photometric modes and three quantitation methods.

    Absorption-transmission: Measurement of transmission or absorbance (requires FUV-803 cell block.

  • Time course: Measurement of temporal changes at a fixed wavelength with a choice of time intervals.

    Fixed wavelength: Measurement of fluorescence at up to four Ex and Em wavelengths.

    3-D spectra: This function can be used to graphically display the fluorescence characteristics of the sample.

 Features of JASCO FP-8200 Fluorescence Spectrometer

  • Auto gain
    The signal/noise is optimised throughout the scan range by using the Auto-Gain which automatically adjusts the gain due to fluorescence intensity.

    Auto sensitivity control
  • This function of Jasco Fluorescence Spectrometer allows the creation of a calibration curve for a wide concentration range without changing the measurement parameters.

    Auto cut off filter
  • This enables spectra to be obtained without the peaks that originate from higher order diffracted light.

 Wide range of optional accessories for JASCO FP-8200 Fluorescence Spectrometer

The JASCO FP-8200 Fluorescence Spectrometer offers a range of accessories with dedicated programs for analysing samples ranging from biochemical/bioscience to materials research. These include:

One drop measurement option - simply place a droplet of sample on the disk cell of the One-Drop accessory for rapid measurements of micro-volume samples

Temperature control - a range of thermostatted cell holders for single or multiple samples.

Automatic titration - two independently controlled syringes for monitoring protein denaturation and ligand binding experiments under temperature control

Solid sampling - Sample blocks for solids films and powders.

See the Full range of Accessories.

Contact us for more information on the JASCO FP-8200 Fluorescence Spectrometer.





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