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Digital Polarimeter: JASCO P-2000

The JASCO P-2000 is an extremely flexible Digital Polarimeter which can be configured for a wide array of applications and budgets. The economical basic Jasco polarimeter model can be upgraded as application requirements change. Options include additional light sources, sample cells and wavelengths ranging from the UV-Vis to the NIR.


In Brief

Resolution of 0.0001°
Dynamic range ± 90°
Remote colour touch screen
or PC control
Wide choice of wavelengths
Validation program

Installation optional

High speed, precision and accuracy

The P-2000 digital polarimeter response is fast, up to six degrees per second. It provides reproducible data with a resolution of 0.0001°. A wide dynamic range of up to ±90° enables the system to measure chiral compounds over a broad range of concentrations. The JASCO polarimeter sample chamber is equipped with an integrated temperature probe so that temperature is constantly updated on the control screen.

Advanced instrument control

The JASCO P-2000 digital polarimeter is a simple unit to operate via either a hand-held intelligent remote module (iRM) with colour touch screen or a PC - both equipped with Spectra Manager II, a powerful Windows® software platform. Both of these interfaces allow system control and advanced data processing. 21 CFR part 11 compliant versions are available as options.

Reliability and instrument verification

A validation program is included as standard for regulated laboratories. The program covers validation of light source energy, zero repeatability and rotational accuracy/repeatability. The associated optical testing devices are available as options.

Options for optimum performance include:

  • Wide choice of wavelengths: Tungsten, Sodium, or Mercury lamps with matching polarisers, wavelength filters and photomultiplier detectors. Up to two light sources can be simultaneously installed giving a wide wavelength range from the UV-Vis region (254 nm) to the NIR region (880 nm).

  • Sample temperature control is available at (±0.1°C) accuracy.

  • Choice of user interfaces: Intelligent remote module (iRM) with a color LCD touch screen or PC control with Spectra Manager II software. Both of these interfaces allow full-system control and advanced data processing.

  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant versions for both user interfaces.

  • Upgradable: The JASCO P-2000 digital polarimeter can be field upgraded as application requirements change.

JASCO Polarimeter has a wide range of applications

  • Foods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sugars and Sweeteners
  • Essential oils
  • Flavours and Fragrances
  • Chemicals

Wide Range of Sampling Accessories with Automatic accessory recognition.

In support of diverse applications, a full line of accessories including a variety of cylindrical cells: a demountable stainless steel cell, Peltier thermostatted cell holder, and monochromator options, all offered for functional expansions of the P-2000. Quick-connect fittings with flow control valves in the sample compartment provide simple and secure exchange of water thermostatted cells for temperature control with water baths. A newly developed Peltier cell holder offers accurate temperature control with ±0.1° accuracy.

See the Full range of Accessories.

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