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Mini Water Circulation Bath

The MCB-100 is a water circulation bath for cooling/heating of an external device by circulating the precisely temperature controlled water in the bath. The wide temperature control range (10˚C below ambient to 40˚C) coupled with the circulating capability (1L/min, 52 W) assures high performances even with its compact size. It can be used in wide variety of applications, as well as for the constant temperature control of cell parts in the spectrophotometer.

mcb100Benefits include:

  • Easy and simple operation
    The operation is very easy and simple. The water circulation starts automatically when the power is on. The MCB-100 has only 3 buttons, such as UP key, DOWN key and SELECT key on the operation panel, allowing anyone to operate intuitively and easily. The MCB-100 can be self installed.

  • Highly precise temperature control by using Peltier device
    The Peltier device is utilised for cooling/heating of circulating water. With its rapid response speed, switch-over of heating/cooling can be done with high speed, allowing more accurate temperature control as compared with general water circulator using a compressor and/or a heater. The MCB-100 has a wide temperature control range from 10˚C below ambient temperature to 40˚C with temperature accuracy of ± 0.5˚C.

  • Compact size
    The MCB-100 is small 160(W) x 225(D) x 263(H) mm, 5.2 kg and can be placed very close to external devices enabling much shorter tubing and circulation of precisely temperature controlled water.

  • Temperature sensor
    The MCB-100 has an internal temperature sensor as standard for monitoring the actual temperature of circulating water in the bath. And optional external temperature sensor is also available for monitoring the actual temperature of external device.

  • Possible to control by PC
    The MCB-100 has USB port for connecting with PC, enabling the direct control by PC using optional program package for the Spectra Manager software for JASCO Spectrophotometers.

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