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JASCO J-1500 Circular Dichroism Spectrometer

Based on JASCO's experience in CD instrumentation over a half century, the new JASCO J-1500 is a high-performance CD spectrometer designed to meet the most demanding of CD applications. The performance level is unparalleled and the layout is suited for adaptation to a variety of different sampling methods. With CD, LD and Absorbance provided as standard the base unit is already very capable but when combined with optional measurement modes (SMP) and sampling accessories such as Circularly Polarised Luminescence (CPL) you can unleash the power only dreamed of by earlier systems. 


In Brief

  • Wide spectral range from vacuum UV to Near IR upto 1600nm
  • High speed scanning 10,000nm/min
  • High efficiency nitrogen purge
  • Extremely low stray light
  • Simultaneous Multi Probe measurements (SMP)

Installation included

Simplicity and Ease-of-Use

Spectra Manager II or Spectra Manager CFR (For FDA regulated labs): 64 bit innovative, cross-platform Spectroscopy Software Suite for data acquisition, analysis and presentation including several methods of secondary structure calculation.

Excellent optical Performance 

The Dual Polarizing Prism Monochromator covers the entire region required for routine analysis of biomolecules with excellent stray-light rejection for accurate results.

Nitrogen purge capability

Enhanced vacuum UV measurement enables the measurement of a CD spectrum in the vacuum UV region which is of critical importance for biomolecules.

Rapid Scanning and Exceptional Stray Light Rejection

Rapid scanning reduces the time exposure of biological samples to UV light minimising the risk of sample degradation.  Exceptional stray light rejection enables high quality CD data particularly in the Far-UV region where the sample absorbance is high.

Simultaneous Multi-probe measurements

The SMP technology delivers a new level of productivity that looks at your sample using several techniques including CD, Absorbance and Linear Dichroism (LD), at the same time to extract maximal information in minimal time.

Measurement Options

The standard measurement modes include CD, LD and Absorbance for protein, peptides, DNA and other biomolecular studies.

ISO Standard and Validation

JASCO CD systems are manufactured to the internationally recognized standards of the ISO quality program assuring you a product which consistently meets guaranteed specifications and a quality level that is defined and unsurpassed. An integrated Hg lamp for wavelength calibration and the NIST traceable standard for scale calibration assure your results are not only accurate but traceable to internationally recognized standards.

Wide range of sampling accessories with automatic accessory recognition

Options include thermostatted cell holders, cell changers, temperature controllers, microsamplers and specific application software packages.

Jasco has recently devloped a high sensitivity Circularly Polarised Luminescence (CPL-300) spectrometer. While CD provides information about the ground state of chiral molecules, CPL spectroscopy probes the excited states of chiral molecules. In recent years, CPL-active molecules have been used for a wide range of applications such as security encoding, bioanalytical probes, and liquid crystal display devices. By combining CPL with CD, more structural information regarding chiral molecules can be obtained. View CPL-300 brochure here.

See the Full range of Accessories.

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