The smart way to buy quality instruments at super on-line prices 

The smart way
to buy quality instruments
at super on-line prices

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About Labsavers

Labsavers is a subsidiary of ATA Scientific and is dedicated to the on-line sales of JASCO spectroscopy instruments. The on-line sales process is a convenient way for you to buy the latest spectroscopy instruments at attractive prices.

These are quality instruments from one of the world's most respected scientific instrument companies established over 50 years ago.

The JASCO spectroscopy portfolio includes instruments ranging from QC/teaching models to more advanced research grades. They are all based on a common operating software, Spectra Manager, which means they are all equally easy to use. Many of these instruments are suitable to be self-installed. Our Helpdesk is available to provide free ongoing customer assistance by phone and e-mail.

Labsavers spectroscopy instruments are covered by 12 months warranty. Warranty service for smaller and basic models is provided on a return to workshop basis. Warranty service for larger and research models is provided on-site as specified in the quotation. During and after warranty our helpdesk provides free assistance for all models by phone and e-mail. Additional on-site visits by Applications or Service personnel are also available and will be quoted upon request.

ATA Scientific is a company which specialises in marketing and servicing scientific instruments. The ATA Scientific product range includes innovative instruments applicable across the Particle, Surface, Life and Material Sciences.

Please note: Quotes and information requests are only applicable to Australia.



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